Hello dear progresser! Today is Sunday, which means, I’m not really up to do much blogging and I haven’t been able to write some in advance. Though! I had quite a nice chat today, when I randomly decided to go to Omegle. To be honest, the first chats I got to experience on there were […]

I’m glad to see you again, today I wanna talk a bit about this site. I was thinking, since there are so many self improvement, life counceling, changing your life to the better sites, that it would be pretty outstanding to have a „i’m a committed loser“ site or something like that. Though, where would […]

How ya doin‘ fellow progresser? I’ve realized my posts pretty quickly turned into sounding like I’m counseling someone. Oh well, you can see it as if I’m talking to my past self or someone who’s in the same situation as me. While I say you, I also mean myself. You can go along with what […]

Good to see you again, I’m here to work through this rut, you might want to join me on this journey or just accompany me by reading along and commenting. I’m glad either way, because: Alone I moan, together we get better. Honestly I didn’t start my journey off as I suggested to you and […]

Good morning fellow progresser, how do you do today? Did your day started well? I’m glad if it did! But if you are like me and most of your mornings start with staring either into emptyness or chaos, than come along to this journey to finally get out of the rut. Now, this might sound […]