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Wasn’t Working For Me – Can’t Give Up The Idea Yet

So, keeping this blog alive, wasn’t useless, but it wasn’t working for me as a continuous basis. I needed more freedom, and that’s what I went for. The same went for Twitter, I’ve deleted the account there by now, but I’ve realized, that posting photographs would actually be a lot more my style. That’s why […]

Pushed Through

Glad to see you progresser,   I gotta tell you my journey’s not very fun. I think it’s 50/50. A part of me starts to reactivate, think ahead and even getting a bit excited, another part of me is very annoyed and just wants to stop. I’m just at the beginning of everything, I am […]

The Plan

Hey, nice to see you again,   uh.. it’s just the second day in and I’m already slacking. So the day started alright, did almost the same as yesterday „Hygiene; Breakfast; Dishes & Laundry“. Then I went on with cleaning up some online data, which took some hours, but it should be completely done, gonna […]

Keeping Track

Hi awesome progresser, you probably already do way better than myself, but I’m still very glad for having you coming along. Even the smallest help and compansionship makes this journey a lot better for me. Now, as I said yesterday, I am writing down what I did for the day. And yes most of those […]

A bit of pain

Dear reader,   I’ve already skiped a day and I’m sorry. This is part of my issue. After I got slightly/nearly sick and had to take it a bit slower, I also got right back into where I started from. Being lazy AS F**K. My current strongest habit is slacking of really badly and as […]