Pushed Through

Glad to see you progresser,


I gotta tell you my journey’s not very fun. I think it’s 50/50. A part of me starts to reactivate, think ahead and even getting a bit excited, another part of me is very annoyed and just wants to stop.

I’m just at the beginning of everything, I am slow and there’s not all that much outcome. Also, since my head always wants to go way farther than I can it’s also pretty frustrating.

But oh well, I just have to endure, otherwise nothing comes out of this. So my plan for tomorrow:



Hygiene; Breakfast; Dishes & Laundry; Sorting a bit stuff at office


Doing a little business work; Food shopping; Write to my contacts


Preparing Food & Eating

Not entirely sure about „Afternoon“ and „Evening“. I actually ended up having a rather productive day today, especially more „freestyling“ the later part of the day. So I think for now I’ll just leave this part out in this planning ahead.


And in any way, thank you for reading.


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