The Plan

Hey, nice to see you again,


uh.. it’s just the second day in and I’m already slacking. So the day started alright, did almost the same as yesterday „Hygiene; Breakfast; Dishes & Laundry“. Then I went on with cleaning up some online data, which took some hours, but it should be completely done, gonna check on it tomorrow.

Afterwards I was tired and then annoyed because of being tired. Well I first ate lunch, tried to just take a pause, but gave up later on and decided to take a nap. The nap wasn’t so deep, but it helped. Although by then also any discipline that I had in me did left me completely, so I gave up. Not good. Really not.

Now it’s later afternoon and I’m sort of rushing into writing this post, but you know what.. I’m gonna go to our office space and look if I can arrange some stuff for tomorrow.


Alright, it’s quite a mess, so I think I’m going to plan ahead for tomorrow instead. I’ve had experience with this before. It’s quite nice to do for structure, but not for limitation. Which means: Have a plan, but do as it works out.

The Plan


Hygiene; Breakfast; Dishes & Laundry; Doing a little business work


Cleaning in the office space; Blogging & Planing ahead; Taking out trash


Preparing Food & Eating


Finish up the contacts file; Starting with the dates file; Writing a buying list;


Read a book


I sometimes like to make a game out of it, in a sense of whether I can finish quicker than the list suggests. I’ll might update you on that, but until then:

in any way, thank you for reading!


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