Keeping Track

Hi awesome progresser,

you probably already do way better than myself, but I’m still very glad for having you coming along. Even the smallest help and compansionship makes this journey a lot better for me.

Now, as I said yesterday, I am writing down what I did for the day. And yes most of those are „silly“ simple things. I did reach the least productive point and I’ve been circling around it since quite a while. With this journey I want to finally break the cycle, so I’m starting just with that.


Hygiene; Breakfast; Blogging; Dishes & Laundry


Sewing pants; Some social exchange; Changing the bedclothes


Preparing Food & Eating


Worn out: Taking a pause. (And yes I know this is embarrassing..)

I don’t know what it is, but I am really, really tired today. 😦

Well, I decided I’ll do a bit organization work.

Cleaning my contacts file; Cleaning an online profile; Doing the income tax for last year


Taking out trash



My pain level today: Nervous and Anxious, because I know how much I should actually do.


In any way, thank you for reading.


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