A bit of pain

Dear reader,


I’ve already skiped a day and I’m sorry. This is part of my issue. After I got slightly/nearly sick and had to take it a bit slower, I also got right back into where I started from. Being lazy AS F**K.

My current strongest habit is slacking of really badly and as I told you, I got into this through a trauma. The issue here, this really can’t be any excuse anymore. These daily posts are my way to start something, anything and to stay on it every day.

During my life I had many different stages of „productivity“. There is one thing that came clear to me: You can’t achieve anything or get „back to being productive“ without the slightest bit of pain. It’s not wise to drill yourself until you hate it all, because without an external force you will just give up after a while. This means: trial, error and measuring. You’ve got to find out where you are right now and how much you can add to get forward. And of course: you will fail from time to time. If you document your progress, you will be able to see how much you grow within the bigger picture.

Since I’ve already done that sometimes before, I decided I will go back to these roots. I am starting by writing down today what I am doing today and by tomorrow you will be able to read the post. Just don’t laugh at me, I already know I am in the worst shape of my life and that my duties will be very basic. Though, if I don’t do this, I will never be working as much as I used to.


And in any way, thank you for reading.


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