A Chat For A Change

Hello dear progresser!

Today is Sunday, which means, I’m not really up to do much blogging and I haven’t been able to write some in advance. Though! I had quite a nice chat today, when I randomly decided to go to Omegle. To be honest, the first chats I got to experience on there were pretty bad, but this one made me think. It was quite a nice conversation and I started to think: Maybe it would actually suit me to give advice to younger people. Just read it yourself and let me know what you think.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: How old are you?

Stranger: Old enough

You: haha, good

You: what do you do? hobbies? school? work?

Stranger: I was just fucking around. What kinda question is that though

Stranger: Im a student

You: I’m asking because 14 year olds come across as well.. just making sure

Stranger: What do you do then?

You: i’m helping my friend grow his business, it’s just at the beginning though

You: used to study as well, but i quit

You: what do you study?

Stranger: Science program

You: what science program?

Stranger: Idk man, thats what it translates to

You: lol.. okay, hm

You: can you describe what it is about?

You: like programming? IT?

Stranger: I study biology, chemistry, physics, math, english and other stuff

Stranger: Its not very.. what do you call it

Stranger: Specialiced?

You: so it’s a school, not a university?

Stranger: Yeah got two more years before I go to Uni

You: by the way, i’m curious what continent you’re from, because i guess you’re not american or english

Stranger: European

You: i’m european as well

Stranger: Nicee

You: do you know what kind of uni you will go to?

Stranger: No clue

You: did you got to inform yourself about your options or so?

Stranger: Yeah I know what i can choose from

You: how comes you don’t know which way you wanna go?

Stranger: I have no idea what I want to work with

You: did you talked about that with your parents before?

Stranger: Thats why i chose the science program, you can become almost whatever you want when ur done

You: yeah, i understand that and i believe it was a pretty good choice

You: see, if you can, you should experience stuff

You: you could ask your parents if they connect you with people that can tell you about their jobs

You: you could volunteer on a job

You: you could start a hobby that would fit for a job

Stranger: Yeah Im probably going to start working weekends in a Mcdonalds

You: you could even ask your teacher if they want to give you a project where you can connect with companies

You: you mean for some experience and money?

Stranger: Mostly for the money, but yeah. If you become a doctor or something similar having experience at Mcdonalds doesnt really do much does it

You: haha yeah in a sense

You: but having a start is a very good thing

You: that way one job can lead to another

You: otherwise you wouldn’t have anything on your resumee

You: i think it’s pretty good that you do it, as long as you also look out for what you want to be

Stranger: Shit man, I didnt expect to get life lessons on Omegle

You: did that upset you now?

Stranger: Nah its nice

You: or disappoint?

You: oh i’m glad

Stranger: You seem educated

You: well thank you

You: you seem educated as well, you know

You: i wasn’t even doing as well as you, when i was your age, so you can probably go a lot farther 🙂

Stranger: What do you do for a living then? Besides that project

You: i used to work as an IT specialist, but right now i am just with that project

You: i used to study media informatics

You: though i didn’t finished

You: i think i rushed my decision too much, didn’t put enough thought into it

You: or better said, i wanted to, but i didn’t completed the task of putting enough thought into my decision

You: that’s why i recomended talking with your parents, so they’d help you to really focus on that

You: but of course it depends on your parents whether they’d really help you

You: which means any person who would keep you on it would be helpful

You: don’t know how easily you’d get distracted x)

Stranger: I think Id rather do this on my own, my parents arent really well educated.

You: you mean degree wise?

Stranger: Yeah. My stepdad is a doctor though

Stranger: So theres that

You: yeah you could start with him

You: the thing is

You: it’s good to have different perspectives

You: and maybe you also have institutes where you can make something like a talent test

You: uhm there are some institutes that would help you on finding out what would suit you

Stranger: Gotta find one of those then

You: yeah and as i said, it’s great that you start of with some job

You: the thing is

You: before you didn’t do/had the job

You: you don’t really know what it’s like

You: that’s why it’s also good to just ask people how their job is like

Stranger: Too many jobs to choose from man

Stranger: Driving me crazy

You: ah i get that!

Stranger: I really have no idea what I want to do in life

You: that’s why it’s so good that you decided to start something, even if it’s just mcdonalds for now

You: well you can also take school as an indicator

You: like

You: what subjects make fun to you, make sense to you and come easy to you

You: and from there on you can start thinking what can be done or is being done with that knowledge

You: by the way

You: are there particular subjects you like?

You: (i’m away for just a moment)

Stranger: PE, English, geography, history, maybe math aswell

Stranger: as well

You: what is PE?

Stranger: Physical education. Gymnastics and such

Stranger: I like playing football

You: oh i see, basically sports

Stranger: Yeah

You: that’s good, keeping yourself physically fit is a very good thing, also for your mind

You: okay, now without talking about whether a job exists or not, what kind of job would you do with one or more of those?

You: in a sense of either service or creation

You: where others might want to consider paying you for it

Stranger: I dont really know what there is to do within these subjects

You: sounds like you should find out
tell me, what do you like about those subjects?

Stranger: Its probably that they are my strongest subjects. I like working out and communicating with people, and i find history and geography to simply be interesting

You: by the way i like it that you’re into geography and history, because honestly, those were my worst subjects in school ^^‘ i can’t really tell why, it just happened to be

You: did you ever consider tutoring your colleagues?

You: brings some money as well, colleagues and neighbors

You: and you could also put it on your resumee, if you did it for a while

Stranger: I dont think I am smart enough for that

You: haha, i don’t know xD

You: so you’re already tutoring, you say?

You: oh i misread..

You: you don’t think you are..

Stranger: Most people my age are just as good at most of these subjects, at least in my class

You: sorry..

You: you don’t need to tutor most, just those who aren’t

You: within your school and neighbors

You: but well it was just an idea

You: it’s not like you have to, it also depends whether you would like doing so

Stranger: It would probably be fun, but am i supposed to advertise or just ask around?

You: you can hang a sheet of paper where people contact you for help, but, and i think this is even more effective, you could ask your teacher to „promote“ you

You: you just tell your teacher you’d like to tutor people in your favourite subjects and if they would like to recommend you to those colleagues who need help

You: and you can even ask whether your teacher would give you tips on tutoring

You: or some material for it

You: how does that sound?

Stranger: Maybe I will try that someday. However I dont have any history or geography this semester so there is no teacher that knows me within these subjects

You: you can ask the teachers that you had before

Stranger: This is my first year in this school

You: ah i see

You: and there’s no english in your first year?

Stranger: There is. And its probably the subject i could teach out the easiest

You: than why not trying?

Stranger: So probably going to start with that

Stranger: Yeah im going to

You: sounds great!

You: sorry that i am asking the second time, but i’m really curious: how old are you?

Stranger: Soon 17

Stranger: Hby?

You: 27 ^^

You: more than 10 years older mate x)

Stranger: Its good to know people in different age groups

You: couple of months

You: yeah it really is

You: you are a smart one 🙂

Stranger: Well thanks for your help. I think dinner is ready now 🙂

You: oh well i’m glad i did some good and i wish you all the best for finding the right thing for you

You: just one quick question

You: can i use this chat for my blog?

Stranger: Can you link to your blog then?

Stranger: Alright, thanks. Feel free to use this chat

You: thank you too, have a nice dinner

Stranger has disconnected.

In any way, thank you for reading.


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