Glad to see you progresser,   I gotta tell you my journey’s not very fun. I think it’s 50/50. A part of me starts to reactivate, think ahead and even getting a bit excited, another part of me is very annoyed and just wants to stop. I’m just at the beginning of everything, I am […]

Hey, nice to see you again,   uh.. it’s just the second day in and I’m already slacking. So the day started alright, did almost the same as yesterday „Hygiene; Breakfast; Dishes & Laundry“. Then I went on with cleaning up some online data, which took some hours, but it should be completely done, gonna […]

Hi awesome progresser, you probably already do way better than myself, but I’m still very glad for having you coming along. Even the smallest help and compansionship makes this journey a lot better for me. Now, as I said yesterday, I am writing down what I did for the day. And yes most of those […]

Dear reader,   I’ve already skiped a day and I’m sorry. This is part of my issue. After I got slightly/nearly sick and had to take it a bit slower, I also got right back into where I started from. Being lazy AS F**K. My current strongest habit is slacking of really badly and as […]

Hello dear progresser! Today is Sunday, which means, I’m not really up to do much blogging and I haven’t been able to write some in advance. Though! I had quite a nice chat today, when I randomly decided to go to Omegle. To be honest, the first chats I got to experience on there were […]